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Featured Article on American Thinker

Thank you to John Dale Dunn for sharing a review of Climate Change: What They Rarely Teach In College on American Thinker. "Stephen Einhorn, a Cornell, Brooklyn Polytech, Wharton School–educated chemist and businessman, has published Climate Change: What They Rarely Teach in College (Kindle $9.99, paper $20.00) with the intention of providing a reader-friendly, handy, and thorough book with a straightforward approach to nullifying and disproving the claims of climate change fanatics.  Considering the widespread acceptance of nonsense climate change scare-mongering, we need help, and he is effective in providing some. Einhorn delves into the various scientific and rhetorical thickets to sort out the claims of climate fanatics and their proposals for solutions to their "crisis," and he systematically refutes the arguments and the...

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